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About this website

This website was made with the greatest care. If, however, you are still experiencing problems while viewing this website, you can contact Stassen HiFi using the following contact data.

Multimedia elements

This website contains multimedia that can only be viewed by means of plugins. For the best browser experience, we recommend viewing this website while Javascript is activated. You can install the software (Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader) for free.

Prices and product descriptions

All product specifications, product images, prices and product information were made with the utmost care. In spite of our attention to detail, Stassen Hifi accepts no liability for any errors in this information. Any prices stated in this website are per item, 21% VAT included and shipment costs excluded, unless stated otherwise.


Stassen Hifi cooperates with various websites. These websites enable you to compare products and prices.
Websites on which Stassen Hifi is mentioned, are:
Tweakers Pricewatch

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The graphic and technical realization of this website was developed by Mejan. This website is maintained by means of a Content Management System developed by Mejan.
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How to contact us

If you have any questions concerning this website, please send them to:
Stassen Hifi
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The Netherlands

Phone +31 (0)77 3207320
E-mail : webmaster@stassen.nl

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