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Music Hall DAC25.3

The Music Hall DAC25.3 is a digital-to-analogue converter and enables the user to process signals from digital sources in the best possible quality and transmit them to the amplifier. You can think of CD and MD players, but also of MP3 players, iPods, PCs and laptops.

Thanks to the combination of a high-end DAC unit and a tube stage, the DAC 25.3 will perform the digital-to-analogue conversion with much greater precision than many a CD player or other source device. This turns many audio products into a player of much higher quality, thanks to the combination with the DAC 25.3. Even Music Hall's tested as excellent CD 25.5 will s

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how an increase in sound quality when combined with the DAC 25.3.

The device supports digital signals via Digital Coax, TOS-link (optical), XLR and USB connections. The analogue output can be connected to the amplifier via RCA (tulip) plugs or via balanced XLR plugs.

Without VAT € 577,69 699,-a piece

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Specifications of the Music Hall DAC25.3

D / A Converter
Aantal kanalen
USB input
Supports 24-bit audio at sample rates up to 96kHz 
 <0.04% Tube out, <0.0015% Balanced out
Afmetingen (H x B x D)
9,53 x 21,59 x 34,29 cm
5 kg.
Zwart en zilver
2 jaar

Video of the Music Hall DAC25.3

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