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Ayon Orion III

The Ayon Orion III is a Class A tube amplifier, with a completely redesigned tube set up, with the design of the Ayon Spirit 2 as its basis. The Ayon Orion impresses not only with its sound. The Ayon Orion III has a body of brushed and anodized high-quality aluminium. This, combined with chromed dust covers over the tubes and black transformers, makes the Ayon Orion III a robust Class A tube amplifier.

The Ayon Orion III has well thought out signal paths. In both the internal cabling and the Ayon Orion III's PCB, the signal paths are kept as short as possible. This results in minimal signal loss and distortion.


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n addition, the Ayon Orion II features an ingenious power supply. The signal input and end stage both have their own transformer coils and AC line noise filters. This complete insulation ensures a pure power supply, which is crucial to tube amplifier technology. The Ayon Orion III is also equipped with electrolytic capacitors with a much higher capacity. This is done to compensate the loss caused by the AC noise filtering.

The Ayon Orion III uses 4 x KT88 tubes in its end stage. The amplifier can switch between a pentode and a triode mode. This, combined with 4 line inputs, 1 direct input and a USB 24 - 96 kHz input, makes the Ayon Orion III a rock solid Class A tube amplifier.

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Specifications of the Ayon Orion III

Pentode mode: 2 x 50 W. Triode mode: 2 x 30 W
4 en 8 Ohm
3x Line In, 1 x USB In, 1 x Direct In
1 x Pre-out
Afmetingen (H x B x D)
26 x 46 x 34
29 kg.
Triode en Pentode mode

Video of the Ayon Orion III

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