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Audioquest HDMI Coffee

The AudioQuest HDMI Coffee is technically similar to the AudioQuest Vodka HDMI in many respects, but the Coffee is the first in the series to feature DBS, AudioQuest's patented system which polarises the molecules in the insulation by means of an electric current 72 Volt, and orients them in one direction, resulting in less distortion.

The conductors of the Audioquest HDMI Coffee consist of solid 10% silver (residual copper), which are insulated by polyethylene plastic. The cable is equipped with platinum HDMI plugs. The cable has a strong dark brown/black woven mantle up to 3 metres; beyond that, it's completely white. From 0.6

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to 8.0 metres (suitable for 4K) high speed cable with ethernet connection; 12.0 to 16.0 metres (suitable for 1080P) standard speed with ethernet connection.

Up to 3 metres, the AudioQuest Coffee HDMI comes with an anthracite/brown woven mantle, beyond that, the mantle is completely white. The HDMI Coffee meets the latest HDMI 2.0 standards, ensure a maximum transmission of your HD video material.

The indicated price is for a set of 0,6 metres. Ask our customer service for the price if you need a different length.

Without VAT € 387,60 469,-a piece

All stated prices are per item and including 21% VAT, unless stated otherwise.

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Specifications of the Audioquest HDMI Coffee

Type kabel
Lengte snoer
0,6/1,0/1,5/2,0/3,0/5,0/8,0/10,0/12,0/16,0/20,0 meter
10% massief zilver, isolatie polyethylene
4K@50/60 (2160p) video. van 10.2 Gbps to 18 Gbps

Video of the Audioquest HDMI Coffee

All prices indicated are per piece and including 21% VAT, unless mentioned otherwise. The shipping costs are calculated per product by our sales department.