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Marantz SA-14S1

The new Marantz SA-14S1 features a large toroidal transformer and a solid power supply, where the power is generated as clean as possible in order to avoid mutual interference between components. This is how the quality is created which can resist every scrutiny, and how the Marantz disc mechanism can deliver the remarkable CD and SACD quality. And that is only the beginning of this fantastic Marantz SA-14S1 player.

The player has a DAC mode which is almost the same in functionality to the revolutionary Marantz NA-11S1. It features optical and digital coaxial inputs and USB-B, which allows it to be connected directly to a PC. Th

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is means that HD audio can be streamed directly from your PC, so that the high-end DAC and the high-end audio output phase can be used with the HDAM-SA2 modules. That is why this newly developed SA-14S1 CD player is equipped with our latest ground/signal isolation technology, with which virtually all PC noise can be eliminated. The player can function as a sound card for your PC and the USB-B port works in asynchronous mode, with which not only 192 kHz/24-bit, but also the DSD 2,8 MHz and 5,6 MHz are supported for maximum versatility and performance.

The Marantz SA-14S1 even has a frontside USB port for playing MP", WAV and AAC formats, and of course, it is compatible with de iPod and iPhone. This is Super Audio CD quality in its ultimate form, and more. Much more.

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Marantz SA-14S1

Demonstration model of the Marantz SA-14S1

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Specifications of the Marantz SA-14S1

Type Speler
RCA, Optisch Digitaal, Coaxiaal Digitaal
Afmetingen (H x B x D)
123 x 440 x 419 mm
14,5 Kg
Goud, Zwart
3 jaar

Video of the Marantz SA-14S1

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