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Ayon S-3

The Ayon S-3 is a network player, analogue pre-amplifier and a world class D/A converter, all in one high-end device!

The Ayon S-3 Class A triode tube amplifier features balanced and unbalanced signal paths. Ayon puts a lot of thought into the signal paths, in order to keep these as short as possible, resulting in less signal loss and distortion.

The Ayon S-3's power supply has been further refined with new components and AC line noise filtering. The Ayon S-3 uses separated transformer coils and filters for the input and output phases. This ensures complete insulation between the input and the output of the Ayon S-3,

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which is crucial for the 6H30 tube end stage. Ayon also implemented electrolytic capacitors with increased capacity, to compensate the loss during noise filtering.
In addition, the Ayon S-3 has a logical start up (warming up), in order to tax the tubes less.

The S-3 network player interface is displayed on a 3,5" TFT screen, which allows for easy control of the Ayon. The Ayon S-3 supports audio formats such as WAV (lpcm) 24-192kHz, FLAC 24-192 and 24-176 kHz, AIFF, AAC, HEAAC up to 24-96 kHz. Receive your favourite radio stations in the best audio quality. With the Ayon S-3, you can easily stream internet radio via vTuner. You can also stream audio from mobile Apple, Windows and Android devices

Without VAT € 4.917,36 5950,-a piece

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Specifications of the Ayon S-3

Type Speler
Netwerkspeler, Versterker en D/A converter
192kHz / 24 bit,
 Wifi, RCA, USB, Ethernet
Afmetingen (H x B x D)
 12 x 48 x 39
12 kg.

Video of the Ayon S-3

All prices indicated are per piece and including 21% VAT, unless mentioned otherwise. The shipping costs are calculated per product by our sales department.