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Service & Warranty

As our customer, you are naturally entitled to claim under the guarantee for the duration of the guarantee period, subject to the manufacturer's conditions. We will ensure that any defect systems that fall under the guarantee conditions are repaired free of charge.

Listening Guarantee

If despite the fact that you have followed our listening process and advice, the equipment at home does not meet your expectations, you can return to the purchase process within 2 weeks after purchase. We take the initially delivered equipment back free of charge when purchasing equivalent other equipment.

Installation and delivery

Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that Stassen Hifi only supplies high quality products, it can occur that a product has a defect. We are fully aware that this is a great inconvenience to you and that you are looking for a quick and good solution. In order to be able to provide you with a good and quick service, we ask you to contact our technical service department first, before you send an appliance to us for repair. We also would like to ask you to complete the form at the bottom of this page. Our customer service will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the subsequent steps. The form can be used for defects that are both within and outside of the warranty period.

If you want to send an appliance to us for repair, please use the form at the bottom of this page. Note: it must be a product that you bought with us!
Please, also observe the procedure described.

If we receive a repair that falls under the warranty and the description of the complaint is clear, we will make sure that your appliance will be repaired at no costs.

Products within the warranty period

Of course, you are entitled to warranty within the warranty period and under the warranty conditions stated by the manufacturer. We will make sure that the defects are dealt with within the warranty period, against no expenses. Only the costs for the shipment of your product are at your expense.

Products outside the warranty period

If your product falls outside of the warranty period, we will first investigate what has to be repaired. This investigation will cost you € 75,-. After this investigation you will get a cost specification, on the basis of which you will confirm whether you want us to perform the repair. We will keep you informed on the progress and any possible additional costs of the repair. In that way you can determine for yourself whether the costs of a repair are in relation with the current value of the product or the purchase of a new product.

Product was Dead On Arrival

If an appliance arrives at your address and it does not respond at all, you can send it back in accordance with the return procedure, without any problem. Our customer service will contact you to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Return during cool down period

In case of a consumer distance purchase you can exchange or return a product within 14 days. It is important that the product is complete and in its original packaging (if reasonably possible). Products that are damaged or incomplete do not qualify for exchange or refund.

Procedure for returning products

Step 1
Complete the form 'for returning products' (English, Deutsch, Français), print it and put it in an envelope.

Step 2
You must send the following back to us in case of:
A repair: only the product that shows the defect, in the original box with a copy of your invoice. I.e. no accessories, manuals, etc.
In case of Dead On Arrival, you must send back the complete product, including manuals and accessories, as it was supplied by us, including a copy of your invoice. Undamaged in the original box.

Step 3
In case of repair: carefully package your product in the original factory packaging.
In all cases, the original factory packaging is obligatory.

Stap 4
Attach the envelope containing the completed form 'for returning products' clearly visible to the packaging.

Step 5*
Drop off your package or send the package stamped, i.e. NOT cash on delivery, to:
Stassen Hifi
Grotestraat 23
5931 CS Tegelen
The Netherlands

* You are responsible for any damages and/or missing items during transport. So make sure you take out a transport insurance. You will also bear the costs of the shipment. Unstamped shipments or shipments with cash on delivery are never accepted by us.