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Kef E305

KEF E305 Extreme Accuracy

A perfectly balanced, seamlessly integrated high end 5.1 sub/sat system based on KEF’s new 4.25" Uni-Q driver array and a superlative matching subwoofer, the new E305 home theatre system outperforms the competition by filling the room with a spacious, exquisitely detailed and compellingly natural sound stage that captures all the magic of the original performance.

The secret of the E305 system’s outstanding hi-fi response lies in the latest iteration of KEF's signature Uni-Q driver array, originally developed for the multiple award-winning Q Series. With its famous

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ly wide dispersion characteristics and sonic purity, this technology is what gives the system its extraordinarily natural sound quality.

The KEF E305's satellites

It takes more than a great driver to create a class-leading satellite speaker. The E301 satellite was designed from the start as a single perfectly balanced system with the crossover, cabinet and drivers working together in harmony.

The less there is to intermediate the recorded signal, the clearer the sound. To eliminate secondary radiation and cabinet colouration, the enclosures are heavily reinforced with internal ribbing and damping technologies to ensure sonic accuracy with no unwanted resonances. The low diffraction cabinets are carefully engineered to minimise scattering of the output. With the KEF E305 system, nothing subtracts from, nor adds to, the sound from the driver.


With a large, powerful motor system driving a long throw 8" cone, low frequency reproduction remains composed and unerringly accurate, even at high volume. Based on a Linkwitz Transform circuit to minimise any signal group-delay that would otherwise muddy the bass, the on-board pre-amp assures noticeably cleaner and more accurate low frequency reproduction.


Without VAT € 602,48 729,-a piece

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Specifications of the Kef E305

Type luidspreker
5.1 Systeem
Frequentie bereik
Satellieten: 80 - 45.000, Subwoofer: 33 - 280 Hz
86 dB
Aanbevolen vermogen
10 - 100 Watt
8 Ohm
2.700 Hz
Afmetingen (H x B x D)
Satellieten: 260 x 136 x 159, Center: 157 x 220 x 155, Subwoofer: 320 x 430 x 270 mm.
Satellieten: 2,4 , Subwoofer: 7,25 kg.
Wit of Zwart 
Satellieten: 5, Subwoofer: 2 jaar

Video of the Kef E305

Awards of the Kef E305

  • What Hifi
  • EISA Award
  • AV Forums

All prices indicated are per piece and including 21% VAT, unless mentioned otherwise. The shipping costs are calculated per product by our sales department.