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Egglestonworks The Nine

When a brand evolves, new models are assumed to surpass old models. The EgglestonWorks Nine is no exception to this rule.

The EgglestonWorks facility succeeds, time and time again, in redesigning its models, despite their state-of-the-art status. The combination of evaluation and innovation have proven to be invaluable for creating new products, and the EgglestonWorks Nine shows it.

The Nine's innovations were realised by a combination or meticulous analysis of existing designs and completely new ideas, which led to the Nine raising the bar for itself and its competitors.

Without VAT € 5.991,74 7250,-a piece

All stated prices are per item and including 21% VAT, unless stated otherwise.

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Specifications of the Egglestonworks The Nine

Type luidspreker
 Vloerstaande luidspreker
Frequentie bereik
 27 - 24.000 Hz
 88 dB
 8 Ohm
Aantal speakerunits
 1x 1 inch dome tweeter, 2x 6 inch mid-bass drivers, 1x 8 inch woofer
 60 kg
 5 jaar

Video of the Egglestonworks The Nine

All prices indicated are per piece and including 21% VAT, unless mentioned otherwise. The shipping costs are calculated per product by our sales department.