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Don't let yourself be fooled by the NAD C316BEE v2's dimensions. Despite what its modest size may suggest, a serious amplifier is hidden behind the modest front panel, which will beat much bigger and more expensive amplifiers.

The NAD C316BEE v2 features a continuous output power of 40 per channel at both 8 Ohm and 4 Ohm and an - unheard of in this Class- high dynamic power up to 150 Watt at 2 Ohm. The C316BEE v2 features 6 line inputs, a tape output and a frontside input for portable players.

Further refinement in the layout and choice of components has kept the distortion factor even lower while the damping

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factor is even higher than that of its illustrious predecessor, the NAD C315BEE v2. The biggest change of the NAD C316BEE v2 is the power consumption in standby: this has been brought back to less than 1 Watt, so the C316BEE v2 is now very environmentally conscious.

The typical NAD characteristics of its predecessor have remained: Excellent sound, very easy to use, austerity, reliability and a modest price tag. The C316BEE v2 from the NAD amplifier family is a very pleasant amplifier: pleasant for your wallet and, even more important, pleasant for your ears.

Without VAT € 329,75 399,-a piece

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Specifications of the NAD C316BEE V2

Stereo versteker 
Aantal kanalen
Uitgangsvermogen (per kanaal)
40 Watt 8 Ohm stereo
6 x RCA analoog
1 x RCA tape uitgang
Afmetingen (H x B x D)
79,8 x 435 x 286,2 mm
5,52 Kg
Graphite, Titanium
2 jaar

Video of the NAD C316BEE V2

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