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AURO-3D®: The new standard for a gripping sound experience

Stassen Hifi is an authorized reseller of Auro TechnologiesAlmost everyone knows 3D images, but who knows 3D sound? Auro Technologies from the Belgian city of Mol developed Auro-3D®, a 3D audio technology which adds an unrivalled dimension to the way you experience music and movies. Stassen Hifi believes in the future of Auro-3D® and, together with Auro Technologies, anticipated Auro-3D® for the consumer market as the first in the world.

About Auro-3D®

Auro-3D® is a product from Auro Technologies (founded in 2010), which originated from Galaxy Studios, a post-production studio from the Belgian city of Mol, known all over the world. Wilfried van Baelen (CEO and founder of Galaxy Studios & Auro Technologies) started with the development of the Auro-3D® concept in 2005. Partly thanks to a team of highly qualified engineers, the Auro-3D® concept could be introduced to the Audio Engineering Society in Paris and San Francisco in 2006. After 5 years of development, Auro-3D® has become the new standard for cinema and home theatre. 

What makes Auro-3D® unique, is the application of 3 layers. By recording or mixing three layers of information in a sound track, an unparalleled atmosphere can be created.

The Surround layer delivers the 2D surround sound on ear height. The height layer is the most important layer in order to create an encapsulating sound. The top layer is positioned directly above the listener and delivers realistic fly-over effects in combination with the height layer. The unique sound experience in comparison with traditional Surround systems, is created by the application of the height layer in combination with the top layer.

Now, even the most extreme visual movements in movies can be acoustically tracked through space, creating the impression that the listener is in the middle of the action. The acoustics of a concert hall or music stage can be simulated to perfection with Auro-3D®. The use of Auro-3D® is unlimited. Imagine the experience of a sports game if the listener can be given the impression of being in the stadium or sports centre. Or how a video game can create the illusion that the player is actually in that fantasy world. Even the automotive industry cannot and does not want to ignore Auro-3D®. The lifelike rendition of sound with Auro-3D® results in less brain activity, ensuring not only many miles of listening pleasure, but also many miles of relaxation.

Auro-3D® Home Theater

While Auro-3D® manifested itself on the professional market, Stassen Hifi, together with Auro Technologies, was the first to anticipate its release on the consumer market.

During the renovation (or reconstruction) of the Palazzo listening castle, the studio known as the Star room, was transformed into a Certified Auro-3D® Home Theater in May 2013. The Certified Auro-3D Home Theatre in the Palazzo Audio castle utilises an 11.2 configuration and offers the listener the possibility of experiencing the incredible effect of Auro-3D® in the space of living room dimensions!

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Certified Auro-3D® Theater
Certified Auro-3D® Theater

Auro-3D® A/V Receiver

During CES 2014 in Las Vegas, Auro-3D® introduced her own Auro-3D® AV receiver. With this AV receiver, the gap towards the consumer market was bridged.

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