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Domotica en installatie projecten

Domotics and installation projects

Stassen Hifi has extensive experience with complete installations and domotics projects. The entire renovation and reconstruction of the Palazzo Audio castle, for instance, was carried out on behalf of Stassen Hifi, in collaboration with certified and highly qualified subcontractors; an independent and experienced agency, specialised in architectural advice, design, planning, execution, budget and quality control, has managed the entire project on behalf of Stassen Hifi.

Extensive experience and qualified partners

This excellent collaboration between both parties has already led to the completion of a number of high-end domotics projects. The contracting of the projects by Stassen Hifi is the result of various request to do so by customers. Present day customers have less and less time to install a high-end hi-fi installation themselves and look towards professionals to take this burden upon them.

If desired, Stassen Hifi can perform all architectural and technical aspects involved in the installation of a hi-fi installation, home theater or domotics, in collaboration with independent contractors.

Integrate audio and video in your newly built or renovated home.

Expertise and involvement have led to an optimum end result in the Palazzo Audio castle and various other projects. All architectural features and the full package of installation activities of hi-fi-related products were carried out expertly. Within this last aspect falls, for example, the construction of a fully modernised concert hall and the installation of the Auro 3D home theatre, the proud and unique showpiece of Stassen Hifi. With a sizeable technical, architectural and commercial experience, we are able to constantly meet the specific construction needs of our clients.

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Implementation of hi-fi, a home theatre or domotics

Reconstruction, renovation, restoration, coordination or advice about the implementation of hi-fi, a home theatre or domotics? Stassen Hifi will deliver a custom plan for every budget, always placing the importance and wishes of the client first. You can also count on us for the delivery and installation of a surround theatre, beamer, electrical screen and hi-fi installation in your living room or company, all controlled by domotics. All work will be carried out by Stassen Hifi and its trusted subcontractors. If desired, in collaboration with your architect or interior designer. We can also perform any projects with our own architects in all of Europe!

For you, collaboration with Stassen Hifi in the field of domotics means a carefree installation or construction because short lines of communication, excellent planning, daily deliberation and a realistically framed budget are guaranteed to lead every project to the desired end result.

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