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Elac Cinema 3 ESP V

The idea behind the Elac Cinema 3 ESP V is that it offers a good sound quality without compromising living comfort. This idea is also behind the smallest High-End loudspeakers from the Elac delivery programme. With dimensions of 12.1 cm high and 9.1 cm wide - approximately the size of a man's fist - the 5 satellites of the Elac Cinema 3 ESP V together with the SUB 301 ESP® - offer so much power, that everybody wants to know what the secret recipe is. Following its other small high end reproducers (e.g. the CL 305 and CL 310 JET) Elac has chosen a solid, fully aluminium housing for its little units, which is remarkably low in resonance

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. The ingredients are the finest Elac chassis, such as for instance the aluminium sandwich woofers with high power handling capacity, double asymmetric suspension (DAS), and an aluminium coated tweeter with ferro-fluid cooled speech coil with a neodym magnet drive. The whole loudspeaker is magnetically protected. The 1.2 kg lightweight - named Elac 301 - also convinces as small stereo loudspeaker, although combined with a subwoofer. The Elac 301 is supplied with a universally applicable wall bracket, which can be attached to the wall in any possible angle. Placed on this, it can optionally radiate the sound forwards or sideways into the room. A beautiful stand is available as accessory. A successful combination between good sound reproduction and current trends in home furnishing. This active subwoofer with bass reflex technology offers plenty of music pleasure through the solid low foundation in the reproduction of Home Cinema and hifi stereo. The universal connection options of this sub allow control of the front channels (Left, Right and Center) via the loudspeaker inputs and outputs on the amplifier, independent from the low management of the receiver, while the LFE (surround layer) can also be controlled at the same time. The exchange frequency between the subwoofer and the connected loudspeakers can be adjusted continuously, allowing an optimum adaptation of the reproduction range to the listening space. Through application of the ESP technology, overloading (which could damage the woofer) is impossible.

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Specifications of the Elac Cinema 3 ESP V

Type luidspreker
 Dolby Surround Systeem met 5 satellietspeakers en een actieve subwoofer
Frequentie bereik
 Satellietspeakers: 80 - 35.000 Hz
 Subwoofer: 40 - 180 Hz

 Satellietspeakers: 86 dB / 2.83 V / 1 m
 Subwoofer:  Line: 1 x 200 mV, LS: 3 x 2.5 V

Aanbevolen vermogen
 Satellietspeakers: 20 - 120 Watt
 Subwoofer:  80 W (sine), 100 W (pulse)

 Satellietspeakers: 4 Ohm
 Subwoofer:  Line: 35 kOhm, LS: 220 Ohm, floating

 Satellietspeakers: 80 / 2.390 Hz
Aantal speakerunits
 Satellietspeakers: 1 Tweeter unit (diameter 20 mm), 1 Woofer unit (diameter 78 mm)
 Subwoofer:  1 Woofer unit (diameter 200 mm)
Afmetingen (H x B x D)
 Satellietspeaker: 121 x 91 x 136 mm.
 Subwoofer: 400 x 257 x 400 mm.
 Satellietspeakers: 1,5 kg.
 Subwoofer:  13 kg.
 Wit of zwart
 5 jaar

Video of the Elac Cinema 3 ESP V

All prices indicated are per piece and including 21% VAT, unless mentioned otherwise. The shipping costs are calculated per product by our sales department.