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Avantgarde Acoustic Trio

The Avantgarde Acoustic Trio is unique in its artistic design. Unique in its state-of-the-art technology. Unique in its craftsmanship. Unique in it horn architecture taken to the limit. And, last but not least, unique in sound quality, which is impossible to describe. As the saying goes: "all good things come in three's". Trio. More need not be said.

The Avantgarde Acoustic Trio is a 3-way spherical horn satellite loudspeaker which can complemented with the Bass horn, for instance, for frequencies below 100 Hz. The audio rendering of the lower frequencies is delivered by a horn with a radius of 950mm. The lows are driven by

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the new L3Ω driver with a 16Ω OMEGA voice coil. The midrange of the Trio with a range of up to 600 Hz - is provided by a new 2" M3Ω driver with a voice coil of 27Ω. Which is mounted behind a horn with a 570mm diameter. The 16Ω 1" tweeter, H3Ω, coupled with a 180mm horn takes over at 4 kHz.

The Avantgarde Acoustic Trio CDC technology, ensures a minimalistic concept with 4 passive cross-over components for the complete 3-way system. The newly designed capacitors, which are configured with CPC's patented technology. The Avantgarde Acoustic Trio has a sensitivity of no less than 109dB.

For even lower frequencies, the Trio series can be combined with the subwoofer of the Due Grosso, the SUB231, the Ardic horn bass modules of the Duo Mezzo or, in its ultimate set-up, with 2 to 6 modules bass horn.

The Avantgarde Acoustic Trio is not the design with the least risk, but in search for the ultimate performance, some of the most fascinating things have been invented. The Avantgarde Acoustic Trio is a milestone, with regard to technology and sound. And that is why the Trio was developed.


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Specifications of the Avantgarde Acoustic Trio

Type luidspreker
3-weg hoornluidspreker 
Frequentie bereik
100 - 20.000 Hz
109 dB
Aanbevolen vermogen
150 Watt
19 Ohm
100/600/4.000 Hz
Aantal speakerunits
1 x 25mm high
1 x 50mm mid
1 x 200mm low
Afmetingen (H x B x D)
155 x 130 x 83 cm
62 Kg
 Turmaline Vivid Black, Stealth Nocturne Grey, Diamond Crystal Silver, Akoya Pearl White, Light Amber Bronze, Saona Beach Cream, Shiny Citrine Orange, Ruby Brilliant Red, Sapphire Burma Blue, Light Topas Blue, Smaragd Pearl Green, custom kleuren verkrijgbaar.
5 jaar

Video of the Avantgarde Acoustic Trio

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