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Quadral Aurum Titan VIII

For more than 30 years, the name Titan has been standing for a loudspeaker that continuously lifts the listening experience to higher dimensions. Characteristic for this loudspeaker is the fusion of traditional and innovative technologies that are continuously being developed to improve the sound image.

Professionals and HiFi experts cannot find the superlatives to express what they think of the new Quadral Aurum Titan VIII series. The new Quadral Aurum Titan VIII has an overwhelming High End sound image: unmatched clarity and extremely focused on reproducing details in music pieces.

The inner cabling of the Quadral Aurum Titan

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VIII is provided by Real Cable. By using this excellently conductive cable, the performance is improved even more!

The high gloss black and high gloss white colours will cost you € 5999,-
For lacquer colour you will pay € 6499,-

Without VAT € 4.255,37 5149,-a piece

All stated prices are per item and including 21% VAT, unless stated otherwise.

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Specifications of the Quadral Aurum Titan VIII

Type luidspreker
 3-weg vloerstaande luidspreker
Frequentie bereik
 16 - 65.000 Hz
 90 dB
Aanbevolen vermogen
 300 / 500 Watt
 4 - 8 Ohm
 250/2700 Hz
Aantal speakerunits
 1 Tweeter unit (aluminium ribbon), 1 Midrange unit (diameter 170 mm.), 2 Woofer units (diameter 260 mm.)
Afmetingen (H x B x D)
 139 x 31 x 57,85 cm.
 88 kg.
 Highgloss black, highgloss white, cherry, oak choco, oak nature, lak
 5 jaar

Video of the Quadral Aurum Titan VIII

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All prices indicated are per piece and including 21% VAT, unless mentioned otherwise. The shipping costs are calculated per product by our sales department.