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Pioneer SC-LX86

The new Pioneer SC-LX86 is a 9.2-channel A/V receiver. Thanks to its capabilities for connections, content and operation and unrivalled sound and image performance, the Pioneer SC-LX86 has the potential to become the consumer's new entertainment command centre. The Pioneer SC-LX86 delivers an extremely efficient en clear but powerful sound with the aid of the trendsetting and even better tuned Pioneer Direct Energy HD amplifiers (class D).

The Pioneer SC-LX86 features advanced networking an tuning options, such as AirPlay, DLNA 1.5, Windows 7 internet radio, PC Setup Control, automatic calibration for Advanced MCACC, multiple HDMI ou

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tputs and the industry-leading Pioneer Apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod (among which iControlAV2012 and Air Jam) and Android smartphones.

To guarantee the very best home entertainment experience, the three top models are also THX-certified. In addition, the Pioneer SC-LX86 has been fine-tuned to great detail in the AIR studios.

To maximise the capabilities of your advanced screen, the Pioneer SC-LX86 supports 4K Pass Through.
Users of the Pioneer SC-LX86 can set up a full-fledged 5.1-channel system and use the spare channels for extra zones or rooms. In addition, the receiver and/or smartphone with the iControlAV2012 App allows them to remain in full control of every zone.

The SC-LX86 features an asynchronous USB-DAC. This makes it possible to connect this receiver directly to a PC via USB. Moreover, this technology supports music files up to 192 kHz/32 bit.

The Pioneer SC-LX86 features a Mobile High Definition Link (MHL). This means that smartphones can also be connected to the receiver, and used as an extra entertainment channel (audio and video). The receiver supports content up to 1080p (video) and 7.1-channel HD audio resolution on mobile devices running Android. In addition, the battery of your smartphone is charged and the device can be used as a remote control. An MHL cable (1 m) is included.

The Pioneer SC-LX86 offers the possibility to pre-set multiple audio, video and control signals for different zones. This is possible for a maximum of three zones for audio. The SC-LX86 also features an HDMI output for a fourth zone.

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Specifications of the Pioneer SC-LX86

A/V receiver  
Aantal kanalen
Inclusief AS-WL300, THX gecertificeerd, AirPlay, DLNA 1.5, Windows 7, internetradio, PC Setup control, autokalibratie voor Advanced MCACC
2 jaar

Video of the Pioneer SC-LX86

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