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TMA Audio Basso

Finally, the day has come! Now, there are sub-woofers that do nothing more and nothing less than providing your existing loudspeakers with the right foundation.

The new TMA Audio subwoofers deal with the low tones in a deep and rigid way. The low electric Q of the specially designed bass loudspeaker units combined with the heavy digital power amplifiers guarantee an unequalled sensation.

Whether you choose high end audio or home theatre surround, these subwoofers will do their work with an ease that you have never heard before.

The colour high-gloss white is available for €1028,-
The colour cherry is black matte

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available for €1048,-

Without VAT € 660,33 799,-a piece

All stated prices are per item and including 21% VAT, unless stated otherwise.

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Specifications of the TMA Audio Basso

 10" long throw high-efficiency low frequency driver
Aanbevolen vermogen
 150 Watt RMS
Hipass crossover
 Full Range
Lopass crossover
 35 - 200 Hz
Fase controle
 0, 180°
Voice coil
 2" dual-layer copper-wound
Afmetingen (H x B x D)
 34,5 x 32 x 37,8 cm.
 13,6 kg.
zwart, kersen
 2 jaar op electronica en 5 jaar op woofer

Video of the TMA Audio Basso

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All prices indicated are per piece and including 21% VAT, unless mentioned otherwise. The shipping costs are calculated per product by our sales department.